21 2 / 2014

February seems to be a “ramp up” time here in Queen’s Procurement/Finance.

"The calm before the storm", as THEY say :)

There are updates to share, so why waste time? Check them out:

- Lyreco (of one Queen’s VOR for paper) just released their 2014 paper pricing. If you follow us on FB or are part of our listserve, you’re in the know already!

- We’ve created a report to help you track your open Purchase Orders & related payments. Blog post to come on that (this is exciting stuff!)!

- Year-End is approaching quickly! Here are some key dates to be aware of:
Research Year-End Cut-off -> March 21st, 2014
P-Card Year-End Transactions Cut-off -> April 17th, 2014
Purchase Requisition Blackout Begins -> April 25th, 2014
Operating Purchase Requisition Blackout Ends -> May 2nd, 2014
Research Purchase Requisition Blackout Ends -> May 14th, 2014

That’s it for now! As usual, if you have any questions let me know.

24 5 / 2013

For the past 4 weeks we’ve had the University in a Research Purchase Requisition Blackout, in order to process our year-end functions.

Yesterday, it lifted.

Patience, knowledge & recollections have been put to test. That is the TRUTH… 40 min phone calls, failing processes, constant documentation review/updating and MUCH more vodka consumption. <— J/K….?

It’s rewarding when the process completes successfully - the best accomplishments come from the dedicated work you’ve put into it, right?

"You want a happy ending, but not such a ridiculous happy ending that is doesn’t mean anything to anybody" - Paul Feig

Paul knows what’s up.

Now comes the review/improve stage. From which there is only one direction to move - UP.

The little cherry that always gets requested to be put on top of something awesome, would be for summer to show up any day now. I am IMpatiently waiting for it. 

I hope you are celebrating endings/accomplishments too - your life deserves it.

20 2 / 2013

The fact that we are approaching another year-end already, is blowing my mind a little bit. 

Has it really been a year?!

And so it begins… reminder notifications, procedure prep, document review, etttt-cetera..!

In some off-beat/warped kind of way, I look forward to this time of year. I can only assume it’s the anticipation of starting a big challenge and knowing there will ultimately be a feeling of accomplishment at the end of it. That’s not so unreasonable, is it?!

It takes an army, folks. Or a village. You choose. Either way, teamwork is KEY.


21 3 / 2012

Yep - it’s coming…

The most anticipated time of year in Finance/Procurement’s world. From my view-point, that is.


We’ve been prepping for a few months now. How have I been gearing up for it?:

  • Finalizing the Procurement/Budget close plan document - confirming dates, contacts, etc.
  • Reviewing all open Purchase Orders/Requisitions, determining whether they qualify for closure
  • Meeting with team members to discuss/clear up any pending PO/Req issues

Noting the above, there’s a very good chance that over the next month I’ll be coming to some of you to discuss your “open” PO.

I might also show up at your office with wine and snacks, as an advance apology for hounding you about the above topic.

My brain power is in overdrive during year-end. Isn’t it supposed to be that time of year where we’re all slipping into a more relaxed kind of mode? Spring has arrived… Summer is just a few blocks down the road… and some of us are heading to the liquor store more frequently because we like to sit on our decks after work with a drink in our hand, right?

I have to just admit it though, I dig it.

Year-End for me is like putting the final piece of tape on that well-wrapped birthday gift. Or washing the last dish in a mountain-high pile of dirty dishes. The ideals of a new fiscal year are in sight. Fresh ordering situations, conversations, and learning opportunities. It actually also symbolizes that summer can officially start, in my books. What’s not to look forward to?

I’m making it sound pretty and smooth… the year-end process can have its speedbumps. But one can dream for a smooth ride.

I may look a little disshelved, and take an extra minute phoning you back - but I will make sure to show up!

Under-promise, over-deliver?

Here we go!