16 10 / 2014

Five Fun Facts!:

1) Queen’s is currently in the midst of a PeopleSoft Finance version upgrade project!

2) New Document Storage Preferred Vendor

  • Iron Mountain is now Queen’s preferred document storage provider

3) It’s the middle of October

  • It really is

4) Procurement was involved in the Isabel Bader Centre coming to fruition!

  • Have you been to a show there yet? You must!

5) Rideau is renovating!

  • Anyone have a spare hard hat we can borrow?

16 10 / 2014

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about it in the office lunch room, maybe you’ve seen email news bulletins or perhaps you even saw that billboard I posted on your commute home from work?

Queen’s is upgrading our PeopleSoft Financial module!

When? Next week actually…! Oct.20-24th.

What does the upgrade involve?:

  • New features for Procurement and Finance PeopleSoft functions
  • Updated screen layouts
  • New system terminology

We’ve been working diligently on this upgrade for the past several months.

Hours of testing, coffee-drinking, decision making, gratitude cookie-buying and even some head-scratching have taken place.

During the final stages of the upgrade, group Purchase Requisition training has been post-poned. Some features are scheduled to update on Requisitions, providing an enhanced ordering experience - why not save training new users on outdated features, so they can learn the ropes on the latest & greatest material? Stay tuned for scheduled classes coming next month!

"But I’m an existing user!", you say? No sweat. Training materials on the enhancements have gone out to you via email - give them a read! Still finding the materials clear as mud? You’re in luck - drop-in sessions will be held after the upgrade, where you can chat to a subject matter expert and have any lingerings questions, answered.

So, are you ready? Have your “easy” button handy?

Here we go!

14 4 / 2014

I’m so excited to share this new PS Procurement Reporting Tool with you guys!

We’ve created a new report for Queen’s Procurement PeopleSoft users. It’s called the Open PO Report.

This report has been designed to capture and provide results on Requestor’s Open POs in PS, the vouchers (invoices) tied to them and the remaining balance left on the PO.

Since we’re deep into Year-End review, could the timing be more perfect?

If you’re looking for an instructional guide on how to run the report, or if you’ve got your hands on one, have tried it, and have some questions/comments, let me know!

17 10 / 2013


I wish it meant my winnings from a lottery ticket, but don’t worry, it’s signifying something equally as thrilling.

We’ve just about reached 10,000 Purchase Requisitions & Purchase Orders created in PeopleSoft…!

I know - hold on to your hats, try to simmer down with the “Wahoo”s and the “Heck Yes”s - your colleagues are gonna think you actually won the lottery.

But this is fun.. To generalize:

10,000 orders in 4 yrs
2500 orders a year
208 orders a month
48 orders a week
7 orders a day

I could have gone into hours, minutes & seconds - but I’ll let you tackle that one in your free time ;)

PeopleSoft presented a monumental shift in how aspects of Queen’s functions, so the fact that we’ve created 10,000 Requisitions & POs is worth acknowledging!

Were they all created perfectly? Hmm, no! Were they all fully sourced to POs and fully invoiced? Negative Nancy! Did we learn how to use the system more effectively and bring more unity to Queen’s? You bet!

Pat yourself on the back 10,000 times, give your boss 10,000 high fives or hit your Easy Button 10,000 times - whatever you want to celebrate this milestone.

Watch out 20,000 - we’re comin’ for ya!

16 7 / 2013

Hopefully you were able to join us a couple weeks ago at Queen’s University’s 2nd annual Preferred Supplier Show, here on campus - what an event!

If you didn’t make it out, check out the link provided here for a full update on the show.

PLUS, we’re hot on putting together next year’s show so we’ll let you know when to mark your 2014 calendars with those details!

We extend a BIG thank you to all the vendors who participated and provided fun activities & amazing give-aways. How will they top themselves next year?!

Contact our team at any time with questions/comments/suggestions about the event - buystuff@queensu.ca.

See you at the 2014 show!

24 5 / 2013

For the past 4 weeks we’ve had the University in a Research Purchase Requisition Blackout, in order to process our year-end functions.

Yesterday, it lifted.

Patience, knowledge & recollections have been put to test. That is the TRUTH… 40 min phone calls, failing processes, constant documentation review/updating and MUCH more vodka consumption. <— J/K….?

It’s rewarding when the process completes successfully - the best accomplishments come from the dedicated work you’ve put into it, right?

"You want a happy ending, but not such a ridiculous happy ending that is doesn’t mean anything to anybody" - Paul Feig

Paul knows what’s up.

Now comes the review/improve stage. From which there is only one direction to move - UP.

The little cherry that always gets requested to be put on top of something awesome, would be for summer to show up any day now. I am IMpatiently waiting for it. 

I hope you are celebrating endings/accomplishments too - your life deserves it.

25 3 / 2013

Winter is beautiful - but I&#8217;m ready for that snow to disappear!

Winter is beautiful - but I’m ready for that snow to disappear!

20 2 / 2013

The fact that we are approaching another year-end already, is blowing my mind a little bit. 

Has it really been a year?!

And so it begins… reminder notifications, procedure prep, document review, etttt-cetera..!

In some off-beat/warped kind of way, I look forward to this time of year. I can only assume it’s the anticipation of starting a big challenge and knowing there will ultimately be a feeling of accomplishment at the end of it. That’s not so unreasonable, is it?!

It takes an army, folks. Or a village. You choose. Either way, teamwork is KEY.


30 1 / 2013

We’ve posted some pretty handy tips on completing/submitting P0001 forms. Make sure you check them out here.

As always, let us know if you’ve got any burning questions!

10 1 / 2013

I’m having one of those “oh *&$%” kind of afternoons. Maybe you’ve had one?

I’ll tell you why mine is occurring.

We ran some testing in one of our PeopleSoft environments (obviously because we were feeling ambitious, it is Thursday after all), which triggered a dispatch of SEVERAL very old purchase orders.

Maybe you’ve guessed this already, but I’ve spent my afternoon answering phone calls/responding to emails from vendors. 

Everything should be under control, so you don’t have to sweat about receiving unwarranted product from the FedEx delivery guy tomorrow morning!

I had to share the details with you - and request you direct any phone calls/emails from vendors (on this subject), my way.

I’m calm… Promise. :)