12 10 / 2012

Even though this week has been a short one (coming off the long Thanksgiving weekend), it has been filled with challenge and entertainment!

There’s been one burning question I’ve been presented with on several occasions this week:

"Why do we need to submit a Purchase Requisition (PO)?"

I went on a slight rant about this topic in a previous post (Cheque Requisitions vs. Purchase Requisitions), but I think it deserves a second chat.

At Queen’s, we are fervently attempting to eliminate Cheque Requisitions for purchases of goods and services. In the efforts to acheive that lofty goal there are other options Queen’s departments have (and are recommended to utilize) in order to still acquire and pay for their departmental purchases:

Visa Procurement Card or Purchase Order

There are loads of benefits within each option (i.e. Visa Procurement Card purchases are typically instantaneous in the sense that you order the product and “pay” for it right away; PO’s are completed online as opposed to printing and having to obtain signatures on a form, and are considered a “contract/agreement” in a sense between Queen’s and the vendor).

In both scenarios, paying with personal cash/dealing with reimbursement is not something to worry about. What’s not to love about that?

I spent a couple mornings over at Botterell Hall this week, giving condensed training sessions on Purchase Requisition entry. The goal was to present another option to the attendants, for dealing with the purchasing of goods/services.

My hope is to have the above ramblings answer the question posed in this post.

If I haven’t, as always give me a shout - nicole.mundell@queensu.ca.

Happy procuring!

12 9 / 2012

I have Requisition Email Notification news. Do we want to hear the positive or the not-so positive news first?

I tend to request the not-so positive news first, so the information-unloading can end on a somewhat uplifting note. Hope I’m not alone in this train of thought.

Not-so positive news:

Lately, PeopleSoft has been testing my patience. The email notification process has decided to take a little stay-cation, if you will.

This issue is still somewhat mysterious to us – but we do have a few answers. One aspect seems to be that of unmatched email addresses between PeopleSoft databases (FIN, HR, etc). If the email addresses were unmatched, an email notification related to Requisition matters would not send.

When I say Requisition matters, I’m referring to:

-          Your Requisition being sourced into a Purchase Order

-          A Requisition requiring Amount Approval

This issue seems to also have a few more layers to it however, so we’re still attempting to decipher all the factors.

Good news:

I haven’t pulled all my hair out.

That’s not it, don’t worry.

As always, you can still find out your Purchase Order ID w/o waiting for that email notification to come through. Look your Requisition back up in PS, once open click on the Document Status link you will find on the page of the order. This will open a new window, which will contain details of all the documents that correspond with your Requisition (ie. Purchase Order, Vouchers, Payments, etc.).

My dedication to you guys is to continue to work with the highly intelligent technical people on our team and clear this up.

Stay with me.