18 12 / 2012

This week is one for reflection, celebration, regular routines and cramming.

It’s the last week before Queen’s Christmas break, and Christmas in itself!

Attendance is slightly lower than usual, which means some of those left to man the ship might have a few extra tasks on their plate this week.

Our group is 100% dedicated….. to keeping our lunch reservations this afternoon. This is where the celebration part of the week kicks in.

When we’re not lunching, reflecting on my PeopleSoft Procurement 2012 calendar year occupies some of my brain space. It’s been a productive 12 months, covering topics from requisition training sessions to year-end processing, exploration of improving business processes to solidifying new working relationships… It all has contributed to constant learning and growth within the working role I occupy.

As we gradually knock off the days this week, the time left before the break gets smaller. POs require quick approvals (in order to meet deadlines), invoices need to approve & release for payment, Requestor inquiries need to be answered and I need to finish my Christmas shopping….. one of these things doesn’t belong…?

I wish you a safe and happy holiday! Hoping you get a bit of a break from your busy work life, enough of one to enjoy celebratory moments with your family & friends.


Cheers to 2013 - I think it’ll be an exciting year :)