16 7 / 2013

Queen’s University’s 2nd Annual Preferred Supplier Show, on Queen’s Campus - June 2013.

23 10 / 2012

Ever since the beginning of PS, we’ve experienced a regular (as well as sporadic) batch process failure in relation to the approval of Pending Purchase Requisitions.

I use terms such as regular and sporadic because this failure has been happening ever since PS go-live but might occur anywhere from 3 times in one day to only once a week, etc. To sum, I can’t really predict it.

Delightfully, a theory has been suggested by my brilliantly technical colleague, as to why this failure happens. I’ve done some field work to confirm this theory, and it appears everything jives.

Revelation: This batch process failure happens when a Requestor submits their purchase requisition exactly on the hour (ie. 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, etc.), which happens to be the exact moment the batch process is scheduled to run (every hour on the hour).

These two events (submitting the Req and approving the Req) cannot seem to co-exist peacefully, so in order to ensure smooth waters within the Requisitioning process it looks like we’ll want to avoid contact between them.

Ie. If you are ready to submit your Purchase Requisition try waiting until the hour change has passed (ex. 10:01).

Another mystery solved… I feel like I should request detective badges for our team.

10 10 / 2012

Above the trees. Fall time at Queen’s in Kingston!

Above the trees. Fall time at Queen’s in Kingston!