25 3 / 2013

Winter is beautiful - but I’m ready for that snow to disappear!

Winter is beautiful - but I’m ready for that snow to disappear!

20 2 / 2013

The fact that we are approaching another year-end already, is blowing my mind a little bit. 

Has it really been a year?!

And so it begins… reminder notifications, procedure prep, document review, etttt-cetera..!

In some off-beat/warped kind of way, I look forward to this time of year. I can only assume it’s the anticipation of starting a big challenge and knowing there will ultimately be a feeling of accomplishment at the end of it. That’s not so unreasonable, is it?!

It takes an army, folks. Or a village. You choose. Either way, teamwork is KEY.


30 1 / 2013

We’ve posted some pretty handy tips on completing/submitting P0001 forms. Make sure you check them out here.

As always, let us know if you’ve got any burning questions!

10 1 / 2013

I’m having one of those “oh *&$%” kind of afternoons. Maybe you’ve had one?

I’ll tell you why mine is occurring.

We ran some testing in one of our PeopleSoft environments (obviously because we were feeling ambitious, it is Thursday after all), which triggered a dispatch of SEVERAL very old purchase orders.

Maybe you’ve guessed this already, but I’ve spent my afternoon answering phone calls/responding to emails from vendors. 

Everything should be under control, so you don’t have to sweat about receiving unwarranted product from the FedEx delivery guy tomorrow morning!

I had to share the details with you - and request you direct any phone calls/emails from vendors (on this subject), my way.

I’m calm… Promise. :)

18 12 / 2012

This week is one for reflection, celebration, regular routines and cramming.

It’s the last week before Queen’s Christmas break, and Christmas in itself!

Attendance is slightly lower than usual, which means some of those left to man the ship might have a few extra tasks on their plate this week.

Our group is 100% dedicated….. to keeping our lunch reservations this afternoon. This is where the celebration part of the week kicks in.

When we’re not lunching, reflecting on my PeopleSoft Procurement 2012 calendar year occupies some of my brain space. It’s been a productive 12 months, covering topics from requisition training sessions to year-end processing, exploration of improving business processes to solidifying new working relationships… It all has contributed to constant learning and growth within the working role I occupy.

As we gradually knock off the days this week, the time left before the break gets smaller. POs require quick approvals (in order to meet deadlines), invoices need to approve & release for payment, Requestor inquiries need to be answered and I need to finish my Christmas shopping….. one of these things doesn’t belong…?

I wish you a safe and happy holiday! Hoping you get a bit of a break from your busy work life, enough of one to enjoy celebratory moments with your family & friends.


Cheers to 2013 - I think it’ll be an exciting year :)

27 11 / 2012

Found this candy haven tucked in a corner on campus the other day… Who knew about this and didn’t tell me? I don’t know whether to thank you or scold you… I might just have to rush off to this location (wallet in hand) when I need a break from PeopleSoft!

Found this candy haven tucked in a corner on campus the other day… Who knew about this and didn’t tell me? I don’t know whether to thank you or scold you… I might just have to rush off to this location (wallet in hand) when I need a break from PeopleSoft!

23 10 / 2012

Ever since the beginning of PS, we’ve experienced a regular (as well as sporadic) batch process failure in relation to the approval of Pending Purchase Requisitions.

I use terms such as regular and sporadic because this failure has been happening ever since PS go-live but might occur anywhere from 3 times in one day to only once a week, etc. To sum, I can’t really predict it.

Delightfully, a theory has been suggested by my brilliantly technical colleague, as to why this failure happens. I’ve done some field work to confirm this theory, and it appears everything jives.

Revelation: This batch process failure happens when a Requestor submits their purchase requisition exactly on the hour (ie. 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, etc.), which happens to be the exact moment the batch process is scheduled to run (every hour on the hour).

These two events (submitting the Req and approving the Req) cannot seem to co-exist peacefully, so in order to ensure smooth waters within the Requisitioning process it looks like we’ll want to avoid contact between them.

Ie. If you are ready to submit your Purchase Requisition try waiting until the hour change has passed (ex. 10:01).

Another mystery solved… I feel like I should request detective badges for our team.

17 10 / 2012

Are you looking to buy small quantities of chemicals, solvents and lab supplies at competitive prices through a convenient location here at Queen’s? Look no further than Science Stores in Chernoff Hall or the DBMS Biobar/Microstore in Botterell Hall!

They will hook.you.up.


12 10 / 2012

Training sessions this week in the one and only Botterell Hall!

Training sessions this week in the one and only Botterell Hall!

12 10 / 2012

Even though this week has been a short one (coming off the long Thanksgiving weekend), it has been filled with challenge and entertainment!

There’s been one burning question I’ve been presented with on several occasions this week:

"Why do we need to submit a Purchase Requisition (PO)?"

I went on a slight rant about this topic in a previous post (Cheque Requisitions vs. Purchase Requisitions), but I think it deserves a second chat.

At Queen’s, we are fervently attempting to eliminate Cheque Requisitions for purchases of goods and services. In the efforts to acheive that lofty goal there are other options Queen’s departments have (and are recommended to utilize) in order to still acquire and pay for their departmental purchases:

Visa Procurement Card or Purchase Order

There are loads of benefits within each option (i.e. Visa Procurement Card purchases are typically instantaneous in the sense that you order the product and “pay” for it right away; PO’s are completed online as opposed to printing and having to obtain signatures on a form, and are considered a “contract/agreement” in a sense between Queen’s and the vendor).

In both scenarios, paying with personal cash/dealing with reimbursement is not something to worry about. What’s not to love about that?

I spent a couple mornings over at Botterell Hall this week, giving condensed training sessions on Purchase Requisition entry. The goal was to present another option to the attendants, for dealing with the purchasing of goods/services.

My hope is to have the above ramblings answer the question posed in this post.

If I haven’t, as always give me a shout - nicole.mundell@queensu.ca.

Happy procuring!